Annie Sea sings acoustic soul anthems to energize and empower her audience. Whether she is leading a band or weaving a solo live looped soundscape, her velvet voice and lively melodies deliver compelling stories of transformation. Based in the Green Dream tiny home in Portland, Oregon, she strives to pursue an eco-conscious life in alignment with her message.

Once a secretive songwriter, Annie began sharing her music after partial vision loss derailed her career as an environmental microbiologist. While adjusting to this change, she tuned deeply to sound, strengthened her voice, and stepped into her new role as a powerful frontwoman. Her writing reflects her belief that we can collectively return to a more sustainable way of living as well as her individual journey toward her true purpose.

Annie released her latest single, Quarantine, in April of 2021. She released the EP Shadows Insight in 2017. Her music is featured in the documentary Dammed to Extinction, on the compilation Protect What You Love – Songs and Stories of the Pacific Northwest, and the film Falling South. Through her collaboration with hip-hop artist Quincy Davis, she contributed vocals to the song “One and the Same” on the Rebel Wise debut album. She will release her latest EP, Aligning, in the summer of 2022.