Annie Sea sings socially conscious acoustic soul anthems with creative instrumentation and live looping to bring to life vivid songs of catharsis and renewal.

Based in the Green Dream tiny house in Portland, Oregon, Annie has toured throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. Her original music has been featured on the compilation “Protect What You Love – Songs and Stories of the Pacific Northwest”, 88.5 KMUZ, The Film Vault podcast, and the indie film Falling South. She released her third album, Shadows Insight, in August 2017. She was selected as one of the People’s Choice Artists for Flow Festival, Big Island Hawai’i, in 2018.

Annie’s music appeals to fans of Corrine Bailey Rae, India Arie, Joni Mitchell, and Tracy Chapman. 


Annie began writing songs at age 15, on a $25 thrift shop guitar. Inspired but impatient to learn the solo in “Yellow Ledbetter”, she instead created her own songs.

Throughout high school and college, Annie continued to write. She also sang in a gospel choir and learned blues guitar techniques. Although she explored music and writing as a pastime, it played second fiddle to her science studies and full-time work for several years.

Suddenly, in 2007, she lost the central vision in her right eye while studying environmental microbiology in grad school. No longer able to spend the crucial hours in the lab pipetting and peering into a microscope, she left school and began creating music with a renewed passion and focus.

According to Annie, “It seemed that whatever part of my mind had been processing half of my vision tuned more deeply into music and sound. I spent a lot of time in dark rooms waiting for my eye to heal, and all I wanted to do was listen, play and write music.”

She impressed a fellow songwriter with her voice, lyrics, and versatile style, and together, they co-wrote dozens of songs before moving to the fertile artistic ground of Portland, Oregon. In Portland, the two formed a band, released several demos, and played local shows. In 2010, Annie left the group to pursue songwriting on her own.

She soon discovered the joys of hypnotic loop pedal layering, and incorporated live looping into her performances. She studied Jazz singing, music theory, and piano, and performed Jazz standards in addition to her original material.

In 2012, Annie released her debut album, Leaving Gardens. According to a review by the Acoustic Pedestrian, “Sometimes music comes along that spontaneously makes you think of the place it comes from, and this album is one of those times. This 10-song album winds its way through a varied landscape that reaches from jazz to blues to bluegrass to almost a new age sound. At every point on that journey, Annie’s masterful but approachable vocals create the feel of a pleasant afternoon spent in Portland…This is an album you will want to set aside time to listen to instead of putting it on in the background while you check your email. Let Annie act as your tour guide through music filled with not only its own imagery, but also leaving room for whatever your mind can conjure up.”

In 2016, Annie toured in Alaska and attended several transformational festivals on the West Coast, inspiring a focus on socially conscious art. She released her live EP, Citizens United, played Marimba in Chris Berry’s Bana Kuma orchestra, and played at a solar powered off-grid stage at Flow Fest on the Big Island in Hawaii. She also collaborated with Portland hip-hop artist Quincy Davis, and contributed vocals to a the Cypher Cure PDX Hip-Hop for the Water Protectors compilation album.

She recently released her third album, Shadows Insight, in August 2017. Annie is moved to continue to create music that encourages audience creativity, participation, contagious inspiration, and dancing.